The next advance in
enterprise-scale, generative AI
for Biopharma
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Empowering discovery, clinical and commercial teams with unprecedented, actionable knowledge.

In real time.

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The problem

Data overload

The biopharma sector is amassing a wealth of data from diverse sources (Lab, EMR, Genomics, Claims, Pharmacy) but analytics of that data is essentially archaic, requiring large teams for everything from simple queries to developing actual ML models.

Knowledge scarcity

What’s more, there is huge demand for actionable knowledge to drive drug development, clinical trials, and commercial activity. This demand is being accelerated by the rapid growth of precision medicine, such as genomic profiling, biomarker analysis, targeted therapies, and pharmacogenomics.

A revolutionary solution

Synthetica Bio’s trailblazing solution is defining an entirely new category in the field of enterprise-scale, generative-AI for biopharma. And we are the very first venture-backed company to do so.

By leveraging the transformative power of AI, we have revolutionized how diverse, large language model (LLM) technology is utilized in real-time for biopharma discovery, clinical, and commercial teams. 

The result? A platform that enables individuals in the pharmaceutical industry, regardless of their level of analytics expertise, to effortlessly and accurately inquire about complex data.

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Our platform

Synthetica Bio - AI

GenAI-based Architecture

Fine-tuned LLMs designed for real-time data with verified and secure customer data store


Inception Training Set

Over 220 million patient records in our datalake – and growing: fine tuned LLMs with continuous learning


Real Time Data Processing

We are currently processing over half a billion patient test results per month and growing.

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Our founders

Simon Arkell
Simon Arkell

Simon is a hi tech entrepreneur and investor with a focus on AI and healthcare technology. Co-founder of 7 venture backed companies, including Deep Lens, Predixion Software and Versifi, which together raised over $100M in venture backing. All three were acquired. 

AI/Health-Tech Founder | Investor | Board Member | 2X Olympian

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Alex Dickinson
Executive Chair
Alex Dickinson

Co-founder/Chair/CEO: ChromaCode (COVID XPrize winner); Helixis (acquired by Illumina) and Luxtera (acquired by Cisco). Board member Gencove (low pass sequencing) and previously PRA Health Sciences (public, acquired by ICON). Seven year Illumina SVP (led BaseSpace and PopSeq businesses). Began career in research at Bell Labs; co-inventor of the CMOS fingerprint sensor.

Life Science | Tech Board Member

Alex Dickinson | Linked In


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